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November 2018



This Husk lunch we ventured out to Onehunga’s most popular cafe, creatively named… the Onehunga Cafe. These guys are famous for their crispy-fried chicken waffles, yet funnily enough, none of us ordered it. The menu had such a wide variety, we easily overlooked it in favour or other tempting morsels. What we did notice though, was the long wait for the food and slightly off-beat service. Short on staff maybe? These less than impressive factors won’t keep us away for long though – google stalk their beef rib burger, stacked to the heavens! Might be time for you to wrap your laughing gear around one…

Louise had a Pomegranate Roasted Beetroot Salad with a side of chicken. She said “A departure from my experiences to date at Onehunga Cafe, today’s lunch seemed muddled and disappointing. Food orders were messy, misunderstood and my flat white took 30 minutes to appear. Doh! Beetroot salad interesting in texture but overpowered by super hot chilli and underwhelmed by the ‘add chicken to salad’ option that turned up on a side plate. Fried chicken was well-cooked but not memorable.”

Katie had the Chef’s Paella and a Snickers Milkshake. She said “I’ve been here before a couple of times, both of which were stellar experiences (dat OG chicken waffle)! This time it seems like the waiting staff were more than a little confused and the paella sauce was overwhelmingly salty. The plain rice on the side (which was not expected of a paella) is a surprisingly good relief to the sodium punches I was getting from the marinara sauce, I think my kidney is still screaming.”

Mel had a Pomegranate Roasted Beetroot Salad. She said “A slightly mixed experience for me, the service felt confused and a little slow, but the flavours were lovely. The envy of most were those that ordered dishes including their epic fries… I will need to ensure some of these for me next time!”

Bri had the Seasonal Local Mushrooms and a Berry Smoothie. She said “Large portion of green beans that had a nice Vietnamese chilli kick. Would definitely order a side to go with this next time, or recommended as a side dish to share.”

Jeffrey had the Soft shell crab and Prawn Poh Boy and drank an Orange Soda. He said “Food was good and tasty, wait staff seems to be a bit lost. Wrong and delayed orders to our table more than once.”

Phil had the Beetroot & Black Bean Burger and drank a Soy Flat White. He said “The fries were amazing! Love the long-term staff here but they had some new peeps that were confusing orders. The burger was a great vegetarian option but the bun was a little over puffy and too much bread.”




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