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March 2019



Ozone is set in the recently developed, semi-industrail back blocks of Grey Lynn, hunkered down in the Westmoreland Road neighbourhood of business cool kids. Birthed out of their original 1998 New Plymouth cafe and roastery, the Auckland flagship is an impressive and surprising space, combining a full roastery, an open bar and kitchen along with varied and generous seating spaces. There’s the oooh and ahhh magic of the fit-out itself which feels a bit like Prefab in Wellington crossed with hipster vibes of a trendy Melbourne bar – New Plymouth has moved up to Auckland and is wiping the floor with us. But the menu… oh the menu! Looking past the layout and typography of the menu itself (designers can be such a finicky bunch), the selection was difficult due to too many tantalising options. Our meals were each epically crafted, beautifully plated and thoroughly grammable. From the carefully chosen ingredients, flavours and textures of each dish to the mindful selection of ethically-sourced coffee beans through to sustainable waste management, it seems thoughtfulness, care and positivity exude from the very pores of this place. Staff are helpful, prompt, engaging and seem genuinely happy to be there… and it makes perfect sense why they would. We fell in love too. And will be starry-eyed for a long time yet.

Louise had the Hawera Quinoa Falafel with hummus, golden beetroot, apple slaw, citrus & smoked hazelnut and drank a Flat White. She said “It’s not often I give a cafe an all round 5 star but I loved everything about Ozone. Great space, excellent service, beautiful plating, strong coffee. The falafel was a perfect balance of crisp, soft, flavoursome and the smoked hummus, citrus pieces and toasted nuts provided an insane textural explosion. I basically danced out of there – foodie heaven.

Mel had the Eggs benedict on bubble ’n’ squeak cakes with bacon and drank a Latte. She said “Cool, hip new place. Big and spacious areas with lots of different places to sit from a comfy booth to seats on bar stools right in front of the open kitchen so you can watch the magic happen! The eggs bene was awesome… totally loved the bubble ‘n’ squeak cakes, yummo! And if your one who like to see how coffee is made, their coffee roastery is on site behind large glass walls for you to view. Their hashtag of #comehungryleavehappy is very accurate!”

Bri had the Green Pea Risotto w fresh cheese, lemon & Blenheim hazelnuts and drank a Green Smoothie. She said “The service was exceptional, the decor industrial and seating really comfortable. Menu had unique offerings for a cafe. Loved the openness of the place, with the chefs cooking at the centre of the room with bar stools you could sit at to watch. Will be back.”

Jeffrey had the Rare Flank Steak w chimichurri, Jus & hand-cut chips. He said “Food was amazing and atmosphere was buzzing.”




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