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August 2018



It’s always exciting to try new eateries in Auckland, but once in a while, we like to visit the old haunts. Why? Because… nostalgia. Because simply-done pasta and pizza is still the best comfort food. And because one of our Huskies wanted to show us ‘his’ favourite first-date venue… hawhaw. Portofino Mission Bay seems to have been there since forever. Surrounded by floor-length windows overlooking Rangitoto, we enjoyed the company of our clients Krystal and Mike (#goodpeople) while breaking freshly toasted garlic bread together — stretchy triangles with edges charred just right, every bite had just the right amount of dough and crunch. Try the basil olive-oil version, it’s so good. The menu has your happy selection of calamari and chips, burgers, spaghetti marinaras and margherita pizzas. It’s no delicate French Café cuisine so don’t bring your hipster food critic snob. However, if you’re looking for something familiar and satisfying and are game for some legit cheesy-garlic-dough-triangles and ice-cold beersies, Portofino’s definitely got your name on it.

Mike had the Prosciutto Mushroom Pizza and drank a Peach Juice. He said “Lovely to spend time with you all, thanks for a fantastic Friday lunch.”

Krystal had the Fettucine Alfredo and drank a Long Black. She said “Coffee was really good! Didn’t get water for the table which is why I rated the service lower. The bread and my Fettucine was delicious!”

Katie had the Prawn & Calamari Salad. She said “Lovely glass panels so you get a great view of the scenery. The food is not bad at all, the pesto bread is nice to nibble on particularly when it’s fresh out of the oven but honestly Auckland is so spoilt for choice now, I wouldn’t call this a showstopper.”

Mel had the Chicken Schnitzel with salad and fries and drank a Pineapple Juice. She said “Nice place but lacking a little in the atmosphere. The food was filling however flavours were a little on the bland side … might be just what I ordered though, some of the pasta dishes looked very good.”

Bri had the Rigatoni with spinach, sundried tomato, feta, garlic & herbs in a panna sauce and drank a Peach Iced Tea. She said “Top notch service, and my meal was very decadent. Would like to try the dinner menu and experience the night atmosphere.”

Jeffrey had the Marinara Fettuccine and drank a Lemon & Lime Soda. He said “Food and Service was good, great location. I will go back for sure.”

Phil had the Calamari Salad and drank two Short Blacks (!). He said “It was a lovely place to go an enjoy, however there was nothing overly unique and special other than the location.”




Overall experience