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June 2018



Kingsland has some new kids on the block. First the Garage Project Taproom, then dessert cafe Elisabeth  — now there’s a place for fresh as, sourdough pizza at Umu. The slow-rising dough apparently breaks down the starchy gluten present in flour, resulting in soft, light crust that doesn’t leave you feeling bloated. The wood-fired oven dominates the space in a good way, glittering in all its white mosaic glory. Shipped from Naples apparently. Give their ‘Lamb Merguez & Harissa Pizza’ a go — tangy and minty, the meat grilled just right, topped with the crumbly feta and yoghurt drizzle. The fluffy but chargrilled crust was super-satisfying and quite inhalable – they were bang on about the sourdough. Honestly, we ate way more slices than our usual pizza slice limits, and happily. Service was OK but a bit jarry – definitely not the most engaging but didn’t detract from the good times. Go on a Tuesday and nab their ‘Buy 2 Get the 3rd free’ deal. Boom.

What we shared:
#THREE with half tomato, mozzarella, fontina, oregano, grana & chilli oil
#FOUR with mozzarella, wood-fired potato, rosemary, semi-dried tomato & manchego
#SIX wih harissa, lamb merguez, feta, herb yoghurt, dukkah & mint
#EIGHT with mozzarella, pancetta, field mushroom, pecorino & garlic oil

Louise said “Loved the lamb pizza. Loved the crust. Loved the good times with the Huskies. Not sold on the service unfortunately – felt a bit offhand.”

Katie said “Fluffy fluffy crust but not heavy! Bit pricey but would definitely recommend to people who want good quality freshly made pizza.”

Bri said “Great selection of pizzas to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Quality ingredients and cosy experience, with a cool clay pizza oven at the front of the store.”

Jeffrey said “Nice base and flavour.”

Phil said “Love the neon pizza light.”




Overall experience