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April 2018


Mt Eden has a new kid on the block, chinese-fusion ‘Wu & You’. It carries a lot of spunk with its vibrant wall art, neon lights and inventive menu. Consider it perhaps the cooler younger sister of ‘White & Wongs’ — if you love bao, dumplings and curry with a teeny splash of cultural appropriation (yes, that was a dig), you’ve come to the right place. In all seriousness though, we loved the trendy vibes, and the beautiful attention that they put to their food — the seared tuna, served on a pink slab of Himalayan Salt, was a feast for the senses. And sushi-rice-fries — why hasn’t anybody thought of that yet? Fun, so fun. We’ll be back to try their cocktails for sure!

What we ate:
Braised Duck Red Curry with Thai Basil, Son In Law Egg and Sticky Rice
Wu Fried Chicken with Wfc Seasoning and Nuoc Cham
DIY Vegetable Spring Rolls with Chinese Style Pancakes, Tofu, Raw Vegetables and Peanut Dipping Sauce
Miso Marinated Tempura with Autumn Vegetables and Salt & Vinegar Dressing
Himalayan Salt Slab Cured Kingfish with Edamame, Red Chilli, Quinoa, Coriander, Apple andLemon
Shiitake Dumplings with Pickled Shiitake, Crispy Ginger, Spring Onions and Chilli Oil
Pork And Shrimp Dumplings with Spicy Xo Sauce
Sushi Fries with Creamy Spicy Sauce

Louise said “Great vibes, food and service – love, love, loved the Chicken and Kingfish particularly though couldn’t quite reconcile the Stroganoff sauce of the Duck Curry, nor the Pot Roast vibes of the Pork Spare Rib. Will definitely be back to sample the dessert menu though!”

Katie said “Love the language and set up! However the “Red Curry” tasted more like a Beef Stroganoff rather than a Red Curry — maybe there was a mix-up in the kitchen? Also the “Sticky Rice” was just normal rice… #cantgetpassedtheasian Super keen to come again to try the cocktails and Mr Krab’s taco though.”

Mel said “Cool place with a good mix of flavours, looking forward to another trip there to partake in the paddle pop dessert and cocktails!”

Bri said “Creative, pretty presentation applied to the table, menu and food. Friendly, attentive service. Menu had a good selection. Sushi fries were an interesting concept but could have been flavoured more like sushi.”

Jeffrey said “Presentation looks better than the taste.”

Phil said “What a a quirky fun place to go! However I think it was overpriced and the décor and overall design a bit lacking.”


Service: 4
Presentation: 4
Flavour: 4
Overall experience: 4.5




Overall experience