How To Override Gmail Sorting Your Email

If you are a user of Gmail, you will have seen that they have recently decided they know better than you how you would like your emails to be filed, and automatically sort it into one of three folders - primary, social and promotions. Annoying, right? 

The good news is that you can override how Gmail files your mail, and put things back where you want them. Kapow.

To move an email from say, the 'promotions' category, back to your 'primary' inbox, just select the email and drag it onto the promotions tab at the top of your inbox to 'move the conversation'. Gmail will then ask if you want to 'do this for future messages' from the same sender. Click Yes and joy, you have control again.

A bit tedious to have to do this for all the important email you want to read, like the ones you get from Husk for example (hawhaw), but still, a good workaround.

Written by Louise Giles on 21.8.2013